Planet & People

CO2-neutral travel

Naturally, it is better to prevent than to compensate, but we too must leave our desk to keep the business running. Therefore, we compensate for the emissions of our air travel and vehicle mileage. We calculate our CO2 emissions, pay a fee to Trees for All, and in turn, they plant trees financed by that money. In this manner, we compensate easily and yet sensibly for our emissions.


What else do we do...?

We do more than just travel CO2-neutrally. In addition to voluntary work for Kamerlingh Onnes we are aware of our habits and customs on a daily basis. We simply turn off the PCs, printers, and other devices when going home. We print as little as possible and if we print something, it is printed on paper that has been manufactured in a sustainable manner. We do not excessively heat our office and while we enjoy travelling, we frequently use conference-call techniques for consultation. Corporate social responsibility is embedding itself in our DNA. And we love it!

Travelling CO2-neutrally does not have to be complicated!