Planet & People

CSR Manifesto

To make a contribution. That is our motivation for corporate social responsibility, with a proper balance between social, natural, and economic aspects. It makes us proud of what we can give back to the world around us. In doing so, we observe three core values:


People, Planet and Profit:  

People Giving people opportunities. Students and trainees are offered traineeships; employees are granted room and resources to develop; and we help the disadvantaged world population by supporting TSiBA Cape Town and the disadvanced youth in Groningen to attend sport activities.
Planet Conscious use of resources. We travel and transport products as CO2neutrally as possible. We are supporters of the New Way of Working (Het Nieuwe Werken) and we separate waste. We minimise our consumption of paper and print on FSC paper
Profit Making clean profits. Our income is earned in an ethical manner. We avoid making a profit at the expense of others. In addition, a portion of our profits is reinvested in sustainable policy and we support various charities. With Springtime Foundation we contribute to a better world by giving people in disadvantages positions opportunities or a moment of happiness. 

Moving Spirits is about developing, earning and returning.